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It s already an outrageous success

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The figures are unusual. . In only the FIRST THREE DAYS.

. have been downloaded * 34,706 copies of the "Insiders' Report" PDF

3 people pre-registered, on average, every * 2.

minute, which is. . .

* ONE SIGN-UP EVERY 26 SECONDS. a list of most-visited sites on the entire Internet, * Alexa Internet gave eVo a ranking of 3,157 in

for JUST ONE DAY'S TRAFFIC. //www. Http.

Evolutioniscoming. Com/EVO189241TE

Sounds serious, but then what's each and all this site traffic doing in behalf of those like you who've maybe as late as pre-registered, them- selves. . Well.

. Then there's Paul Ward, with his 293. Simon Marriott, in behalf of example, introduced an incredible 386 friends and contacts.

And Gavin Mountford, with 284. . Not forgetting Parvis Parvizi each of which, in the at first three days, personally introduced 119.

. Now, if each and all of those personally-introduced people were to come along e-play when it launches, fact that would earn Parvis for about $23,520 USD in his at first month. Who, in change into, intro- duced others, developing a all out team in behalf of Parvis of 2,853.

. From as late as all alone of seven income streams available. .

However, fact that figure was eclipsed as late as 24 hours later when, thanks largely to the use of the "tell a friend" . facility, the people joining in response to his invitations jumped from 119 to 225.

. And the people each of which joined from their invitations, in change into, helped the team all out jump down from 2,853 to a unprecedented 4,583.